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TABLE 11-29 Order of Priorities for Treatment of Diabetic Dyslipidemia in Adults.

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SPECT imaging has become the preferred method for assessing myocardial ischemia in patients with diabetes. SPECT imaging has an 86 sensitivity in patients with greater than 50 stenosis and a 90 sensitivity when the stenosis exceeds 70. 264.

8221; Wow, Hoz, what a great quote. However, I would take issue with the phrase 8220;convinced of their God-given right to get rich,8221; and replace it with 8220;hoping to fulfill their dream of getting rich,8221; as that8217;s really what this country (and its 8220;American Dream8221;) is perceived by many to be about. Thanks for the quote, Hoz. JKG must surely be smiling down from the next realm on the collapsing bubble, thinking, 8220;I told you so. 8221; JKG8217;s 8220;A Short History of Financial Euphoria8221; should be at the top of everyone8217;s reading list. It really is pretty short (about 120 small pages, if I remember correctly), but packs a punch.

It39;s not too slow. Well, when mixed with acceleration and time dilation. The interesting thing about how it works out, is if you assume 1g constant acceleration, it takes about 30-60 years to reach ANY destination in the universe.]